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Cute Curled Graduated Chin Length Bob Haircut Front Back

Really cute chin length A-Line Bob Haircut back and front view.  This Bob’s neckline is cut with a slight angle, almost like a scoop, so that it angles longer towards the front on both sides of the haircut creating the A Line shape.  The back of this Bob Haircuts is “Tapered-in,” the tapering is also cut with a slight angle to stay even with neckline shape.  Tapered means that the hair is shortest at the bottom edge, then gradually gets longer as you go up the head. The tapering of this Bob Haircut stops roughly at the occipital bone, and does not leave a “weight line” like the Wedge Haircut.  Sides are angled to just below the chin, slight layers are added to soften this Bob Haircut and give it some lift.  This Cute Bob is curled and parted to the side for a dressed up look.

TO STYLE:  Add a volumizing serum and heat protectant prior to blow-drying.  Blow dry randomly til hair is roughly 80% dry.  Part you hair wherever you prefer.  Starting with the back, use a round brush and turn everything under.  To get more lift on top, over-direct the round brush when blow-drying.  Section off the top half of your hair, then using a medium barrel curling iron, wind the sections around the curling iron in all different directions.  Finish with a light hairspray.  This bob Hairstyle is meant to be a cute carefree style.  Curling is optional..Maybe for a dressed up look.  Either way this is a Cute Bob Hairstyle that doesn’t require much styling time.

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